Kids Techie Club was established in the year 2010 by 2 young & dynamic engineers having a goal of replacing the current conventional methods of teaching & learning with hands-on solutions, creating playful learning experiences that enable every student to succeed by supporting teachers to grow students’ critical thinking and creativity for a digital future.

As per the research children have a far better chance of fully understanding and remembering what they have learned when they are allowed to use multiple senses during the learning process…

KTC Mission

To create an education institution that embraces playful experimentation and present students with challenges that encourage them to use their imagination, grow their critical thinking & creativity and encourage them to work collaboratively with others.

KTC Vision

To see every student succeed and become future innovators by get actively involved in subjects from science to humanities, scientific inquiries and technical know-how.


  Student First

  Future Focused

  Embracing change

  Working Together Everyone Counts