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Aeromodelling Club

Kids always do have a curiosity of knowing how does a plane actually fly?

Aeromodelling is the platform where they can get all their questions solved. It helps them to understand the ‘Aerodynamics’ or the ‘Physics of Flight’.

The main concept is to help kids, build their own model aircraft and race them or simply play with them on their own.

Now, these days the sport/ hobby of aeromodelling is slightly better than it used to be. Kids can literally create their very own model aircraft and experience its breathtaking flight.

key learning outcomes
  • Understand and interpret 2-dimensional drawings to create three-dimensional models.
  • Design and build aircraft models using various materials.
  • Test the flight of the aircraft.
  • Understand the concepts of Aerodynamics.
  • Learn how to add Control Surfaces on an air-craft and investigate its effects on the aircraft in workshops, aeromodelling themed birthday party and classes conducted in Mumbai.
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