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Embedded systems with Arduino is one of the most important, yet overlooked subjects in the electronics world. When you think technology than mobile phones, tablets and laptops come to our mind, but the devices that actually help us in our daily lives are not talked too much about. Just think about it, almost every advance development in technology made by humankind, every device or appliance that helps us in our daily lives and even what creates those devices are embedded systems. Without embedded systems, where would we be? Probably nowhere. So if you’re thinking about studying about a subject that quite literally is changing the future, look no further and join our workshops of embedded systems, in Mumbai!

Key Learning Outcomes
  • The basics of electronics, including reading schematics (electronics diagram).
  • Learn how to prototype circuits with breadboard in our workshop.
  • Prototype circuits and connect them to a micro-controller.
  • Program the microcontroller.
  • Debug and fix the errors in the code
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