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Innovation lab

We believe in giving all kids the skills of tomorrow, today. For which we need to it is very important to groom contemporary classrooms into a place of modern innovation hub.

Kids Techie Club introduces its CS-STEM Innovation Lab for schools with a motive to engage teachers and students in high quality, hands-on CS-STEM (Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and MAKER learning experiences. We offer various innovative and fun CS-STEM programs such as Robotics Aeromodelling, 3D Printing, Game Designing, Stop-motion Animation, App Development, Coding, etc. for students as a part of the In-school, After-school or Vacation Programs.

Tomorrow’s scientists and engineers are sitting in our classrooms today. Let’s build something that will transform these classrooms into places for creative and successful learning, as well as encourage and inspirestudents by bringing the subjects to life.