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The efficiency of the education system have long been a subject of debate globally. The debate has mostly been challenged by recent educators armed with research having concluded that a different approach is needed. We are all used to the more traditional way of having theoretical knowledge stuffed within us and the debate arose on whether we gain enough practical knowledge throughout our learning process?

This argument was especially strong in areas concerning the CS-STEAM subjects (Computer Science, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

Kids Techie club

To address this shortcoming, a couple of young and ambitious engineers came up with the idea to create a mode of learning that falls in line with the changing global educational needs. They sought to address the limitations of the old school method of teaching by applying a more hands-on learning approach.

This is how Kids Techie Club was born. Over the years since they started back in 2010, they have gone on to spread their mode of teaching by setting up a number of STEAM Labs for schools across India.

STEAM Labs by Kids Techie Club

The STEAM Labs by the Kids Techie Club as well as their teaching standards and methodologies fall in line with the already existing curriculums available in India.

The CS-STEM Lab Setup for schools was conceived with the aim to achieve or allow for the following:

  • To create an environment where children get to learn more about the S.T.E.A.M. subjects in a friendly, more practical oriented approach.
  • By keeping to the above target,
    1. This new learning process stimulates the motivation of learners.
    2. The kids get to learn a lot of core concepts in a shorter time while also maintaining a high retention rate of their activities.
    3. Encourages creativity by stimulating their sense of critical thinking to solve the practical problems they face.

What the children learn at Kids Techie Club?

Here we’ll gloss over a few details of some of the skills taught in the S.T.E.A.M. Labs that you can expect kids to pick up:

I. Aeromodelling
From a young age, we all have a certain curiosity about flying. Children who go for this option will acquire a more than acute understanding of this topic as well as explore the fundamental concepts in this highly specialized field.

II. Coding
Kids Techie Club has a coding program that can be started at a very early age where kids learn the art of logical thinking to get to a set goal.

III. Robotics
Here kids learn how the simple intricacies of machinery work as well as gaining a gentle introduction on how to design, build and program their own robotic creations.

A final word
The Kids Techie Club and its innovative S. T. E. A. M Lab is definitely a step in the right direction as far as education is concerned. The hands-on practical approach to learning is sure to create a healthy breed of learners eager to be the best in their various specialized fields.